Taking time out to write for Time Out


February 12, 2014 by Tess Riley

Time flies by, and before you know it it’s midnight on 12th February 2014 and you decide that, before you sleep, you are most definitely going to upload your Time Out pieces and nail that particular New Year’s resolution. So here we are…

Now I’m a fan of music. I’ve schlepped through mud to breathe it in, crammed myself into sweaty basement bars to try and touch it, pasted myself up against speakers the size of sheds to feel it, and forked out most if not all of my meagre income to make sure I keep getting that fix.


Then one day, a wise friend (let’s call him F2 as we’ve had stories about F1 before) pointed out that as I love music and writing, I should try and combine the two. Lightbulb moment. There I was, aged 28 (aka past it in music biz terms) deciding I was to be the next Miranda Sawyer.

[sidenote – Miranda and I tweeted each other yesterday. It was a good day.]

The journey since has been an insightful one. For a start, music journalism will always have to remain a side project until the golden day when someone actually wants to pay a living (or any) wage for content, which in this world is pretty rare. That’s the only downside, but is has meant fairly slow progress. Aspirations of Miranda Sawyer-like proportions are definitely there but they’re a while away from being realised methinks.

On the upside, I’ve started writing for Time Out. Who knew! 28-year-old-over-the-hill-Tess now writes for the very same magazine she used to pour over with glee, circling which gigs to go to with defiant gusto.

My Time Out adventures so far have led publication-wise to an interview with Nick Mulvey – seems to be my specialism these days – and a one-hour love-in with the main man himself, Mr Charles Bradley. When I went to meet Charles, I was told I had about 10 minutes before he’d have to leave; over an hour later, his press guy returned to find us in deep conversation, both wet-eyed and occasionally hugging. It was surreal.


When not taking time out to write for Time Out, I’ve been writing about music for Huff Post, Virgin and even a little for the Guardian, and have some gems up my sleeve to write about in coming months. I’ve made good friends with the wonderful Communion crew, been to gigs with the fab FolkGeek editors, fallen in and out of love with more lead singers than I’d care to number, and realised that if you don’t put time into things that make you happy – however late you may be to the whole shebang – you’re really just wasting that time. I’d rather write for Time Out any day.


One thought on “Taking time out to write for Time Out

  1. Damien Clarkson says:

    You’re so far from over the hill.

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