10 Top Tips for Green Man Festival 2013

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August 6, 2013 by Tess Riley

1. Let’s start at the end. If you were planning to depart from this Welsh wilderness on Sunday, think again as Sunday night’s main stage line-up is looking ‘lush’ (when in Rome…). Yes, it’s time to ask your boss for a few hours off work on Monday otherwise you’re going to miss the likes of Local NativesFanfarlo and Devon’s finest, Ben Howard, who took Green Man’s Walled Garden by storm in 2011 and will no doubt go down a treat on the Mountain Stage this time round.

Ben Howard 1

2. As if that’s not enough excitement for one evening, head over to the Walled Garden on Sunday to hear Half Moon Run’s Green Man debut. This Canadian trio are harmony heavy, weaving folk, indie, pop and electronica into one beautiful whole. Miss this and you miss out.

3. For those who really can’t hang around for Sunday night, you’ve got a lot to look forward to nonetheless. Saturday night, for example, sees Band of Horses play the main Mountain Stage, Irish indie folk band Villagers serenade listeners in the Far Out Tent while the gently stunning sounds of This is The Kit and broken beauty of north Wales native Sweet Baboo fill the Walled Garden.

4. Likewise, early arrivals get to see Patti Smith on Thursday. This is the legendary punk rocker’s first year at Green Man and you’ll catch her playing with band-mate Tony Shanahan in the Far Out Tent.

5. Talking of which, the Far Out After Dark line up is looking pretty special following the announcement that Jon Hopkins is going to be playing there over the weekend. Have a listen to Open Eye Signal before you head Welsh* to hear what treats you have in store.

*For those already in Wales, apologies that this is written by a non-native. You should still listen in advance. Additional disclaimer: Wales is my favourite country bar my Scottish homeland so this is all said with love.

6. If you’ve not Green Manned before, you might not know that every year the Green Man HQ team run a rather spectacular competition called Green Man Rising, a battle-of-the-bands kind’a thing, the eventual winner of which opens the Mountain Stage on Friday. This year, Derbyshire trio Haiku Salut triumphed and I bet they are polishing their accordions, ukeleles, glockenspiels, pianos, loops and laptops as we speak.

Green Man

7. You may also be unaware, therefore, that on Sunday night there’s a burning of the Green Man with fireworks and everything. You’re invited.

8. A top tip for any Green Man Festival you may attend, this year or in the future – the Chai Wallah’s tent will never disappoint. This year is no exception, with the likes of We Were EvergreenCocos LoversWill and the People (2011’s Green Man Rising winners) and HeyMoonShaker on the line-up. And if you want to get down and dirty on a sweaty dance-floor-come-Welsh-field, head to Chai Wallah’s when the sun goes down.

9. Whether you’ve been watching cult French zombie series ‘Les Revenants’ or not, head over to Einstein’s Garden to see Zombie Science, where Theoretical Zombiologist Doctor Smith will transport you to the heart of a hypothetical Zombieism outbreak and teach you what to do when the inevitable Zombie pandemic occurs.

While you’re over in Einstein’s Garden, you might also be lucky to catch Nuala Honan, a musician with the voice of an angel who first caught my ears at Green Man 2012. Don’t worry if you miss her there though, Nuala will also be playing the Chai Wallah’s stage at some point over the weekend. Chai Wallah’s timetables (flexible as they sometimes are) are chalked up outside the CW tent so note down when Nuala’s playing and seek her out.

Einstein's Garden

10. Oh gosh, are we at number 10 already? I’ve yet to mention Joe Banfi (Friday Walled Garden), The Slow Show (Saturday Mountain Stage), Flamingods (Sunday Far Out Tent), Buke & Gase (Friday Walled Garden),  Gulp (Sunday Far Out Tent) or comedians Gavin Osborn – touchingly comic songs like ‘There’s an Awful Lot Wrong With a Little Bump ‘n Grind’ deserve your ears – and Welsh comic Elis James.

You’ll just have to get onto the stunning Green Man 2013 website before you head off, where you’re guaranteed at least 4.6 hours of audio-visual enjoyment, all designed by YCN Studioand illustrated by Sarah Mazzetti. The art matters – don’t forget.


This first appeared on Virgin Red Room here.


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