Sunday Sessions #2

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November 11, 2012 by Tess Riley

The parks are looking beautiful as they show off their reds, oranges and golds in the autumnal light and, although the days are drawing in, there’s a sense of magic in the air.

With the Thames looking a misty treat as I cycled along it today, I thought I’d dedicate this Sunday Session to some tunes to get your heart-beating that little bit faster as you make your way through the crisp November air. Enjoy.

1. First up, loving Chvrches new single ‘The Mother We Share’ – if I were in an electro-pop, synth-pumping Glaswegian trio, this is what I’d want to be singing.

2. Next up, I was lucky enough to see Golden Feathers last weekend in a hidden gem of a pub in Bethnal Green – the acoustic version of ‘We Fade Out’ is beautiful… and nothing like the up-beat madness they delighted the crowd with in their live show last weekend. Both their beat-heavy hecticness and melodic, chilled duetting are brilliant – hope they go far. And the brother-sister dynamic between the two lead singers adds an interesting spin on the whole shandango.

3. While we’re in a more chilled moment, here’s a treat of a song by Daughter – ‘Youth‘ – yes, this is well worth 100% ear attention (and I like this particular recording too). It’s a bit broken, a bit sensual and a bit ‘rah, run through the forest and bang drums’.

4. And to finish on a lip-licking, beat-belting high, get your whistles to the ready for Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ ‘Home‘ – an oldie and a goodie.

Until next time.


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