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October 7, 2012 by Tess Riley

… music to blow your mind away to.

What better way to summarise the good times had over the last few months than by giving a heads up to some of the amazing music I’ve come across in those merry moments. Enjoy.

1. First up, Jamie N Commons, whose gruff voice, beautiful melodies and heavy beats hit the spot every time.

2. Then there’s Of Monsters and Men, whose song ‘Little Talks’ will have you a’toe-tapping and a’foot-stomping before you get a chance to shout ‘hey!’ first time round. The quirky vid for ‘Little Talks’ is well worth a proper watch too.

3. In at number three is the wonderful XX, whose new album CoExist is a treat. Seeing them at Shepherd’s Bush Empire recently with Ms Pudu H was a total 2012 highlight only to be beaten by hanging out with Michael Kiwanuka at Green Man festival…

4… which leads me to number 4, my lucky number as it happens and oh how very lucky I was when I got to meet one of my musical idols, Michael Kiwanuka, hanging out on a tree stump in a Welsh field at Green Man festival. Lush, as the Welsh would say. Check out ‘Bones’, a song that epitomises why MK is the King of Wonder Soul.

5. Then there’s Alt J, who seem to be all over the place at the moment and if ‘Breezeblocks’ is anything to go by, it’s no surprise.

6. Last but definitely not least, there’s Dominic Youdan. He’s probably the least known of this list by far and yet has produced what I would consider one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. Check out ‘Off My Skin’ and let  your mind be gently but surely blown away. I reckon Dom’s gonna be big and you can say you heard it here first…

So that’s it, several special months summed up in six top tunes. Those who know me will wonder why I haven’t yet raved about the Mumfords’ new album but, tbh, it goes without saying. So excited was I when it arrived that I actually kept it wrapped up in its plastic for a few hours in a perverse moment of heightening the delayed gratification. And oh yes, it was worth it…


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