Day one of #topshop9 trial

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September 14, 2011 by Tess Riley

Hi all
So we’ve had the first day of our #topshop9 trial (see my previous post) and we’re getting ready for day two.
We’re blogging about it on the Brighton Uncut blog here and I just wrote the below that’s gone up there just now  in an attempt to give a mini overview of the day. We all (myself and co-defendants) will be writing other blogs there over the next fortnight so keep checking it out and follow what we’re up to! I’ll post anything particularly  jazz hands here.
Today has been, well, exhausting, excellent, nerve-wracking, challenging and occasionally incredibly boring. So much to say, so very little time to do so right now. But post-trial, there will be more!
Posted on September 13, 2011 by brightonuncut

Firstly, big up everyone who came to show us support. We turned up at court to be met by a crowd, many of whom came into court with us and sat through the day. Cheers all – that was properly appreciated.

Turns out our prosecutor is Stephen Shay, otherwise known as the prosecutor at the Smash EDO trial. The five activists in that case – accused of causing £180,000 of damage to an arms factory – were acquitted last year after making the argument that they were seeking to prevent Israeli war crimes. Nice.

The trial itself started off well and I think it’s fair to say we’re all feeling pretty happy about how today went. We have seven barristers (eight as of tomorrow) representing us so any of the prosecution witnesses have to face cross-examination from all of them should our council wish to ask anything. Along with them, we have the input of our extremely competent solicitors at Kellys so we’re definitely feeling well supported in court, even if we are separated off to the side in a dock, behind glass… Where’s Sir Philip Green’s glass box?

Anyway. These first few days are dedicated to the prosecution so today saw Shay calling a number of the CPS witnesses, including a Topshop Brighton manager and several police officers who were present on 4th December 2010.

Andrew Burnyeat wrote in a lot more detail about the day’s proceedings from that aspect here so I won’t repeat the details – it makes for very interesting reading indeed so do check it out.

Now it’s time to get ready for day two. The good news is that the prosecution seems to be going faster than had been anticipated so it looks like this trial might not take the two weeks it’s been allocated. The defence may well be starting as early as Thursday so do keep checking back here for updates and come down and visit us at court if you’re near.

We’ve got some great expert witnesses lined up and are looking forward to putting our case forward as to why we superglued ourselves to Topshop.

If billionaires like Sir Philip Green think they can continue to get away with not paying millions into the public purse while the rest of society has to undergo stringent cuts in vital public services, they’ve got another thing coming.


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