September 6, 2011 by Tess Riley

So here’s the latest about our upcoming trial. We’ve also just made a group on Facebook, which we’d love you to join.


Nine activists will be appearing in Brighton Magistrates Court on 13th September for a two week trial and they need your support!


The nine took part in a nationwide protest to raise awareness about Sir Philip Green’s tax avoidance, superglueing themselves to Topshop’s windows as ‘Tax Dodger’ mannequins to make sure their point st(r)uck home:

The nine will be blogging here during the trial:

Billionaire retail tycoon Sir Philip Green owns the Arcadia Group, whose fashion chains include Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Burton, Evans and Dorothy Perkins.

Green – one of theUK’s most “successful” retailers – gets away with not paying millions into the public purse because his wife, Tina, is the direct owner of the Arcadia Group. Tina, as it happens, is officially a resident in Monaco, where zero income tax is charged.

Despite this, David Cameron felt it appropriate to appoint Sir Green as an advisor to the government on austerity measures.

This sort of corporate-government hypocrisy is unacceptable.

With ongoing announcements of worrying spending cuts (, public outrage over the destruction of our communities is at an all time high.

For more information, check out the links below and spread the word.

And make sure you show your support for the Brighton Nine by joining this group and adding it to your wall with the phrase “I’m sticking by the BrightoNine”.

Thanks all – we’ll keep yous updated! 

More information:

Brighton Uncut website, where the 9 will be blogging during the trial.

UK Uncut website, with info about various big name tax avoiders. 

Tax Justice Network, full of really in-depth, accessible articles.


One thought on “brightoNine

  1. Lewis says:

    Good luck people! Solidarity from the F & M 30! x

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